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William B Tomanek

Underwater Photography

By William B. Tomanek

Having Retired from the U.S. Army, and now working in the Environmental Sciences Department at the
University of Virginia I had decided to explore the underwater scene. This collection is about underwater nature.
The corals, sponges, fish, all and anything I could see without my glasses on. I hope you enjoy my collection, you
buy my pictures, you tell your friend about the great pictures and you come back for more. :)

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Artist Statement

I am a professional SCUBA diver and love to capture time through the lens of a camera. A time in life, that will never be the same again. As a diver I have found a new world to capture. And I would like to share with you, some scenes captured from this underwater world. At depths between 10 and 108 feet below sea level.
Water Damage

Some of my images may look like plants, because they do not have fins nor swim around. These corals that come in many shapes, colors and sizes are part of the Animal Kingdom, They reproduce, they live and they die. And when certain species die, they contribute to the growth of the reef. The fish turn tail and run. Only a few will stay for that perfect shot. And the sharks, they are not camera shy.

When diving, I will take my camera with me. I do not use a flash or any other artificial light when taking my day time pictures. These pictures are taken under natural light. But I do make an adjustment of the white balance using a white board as I change my depth.

The Collection!

An adult queen angelfish, Holacanthus ciliaris, swims over a reef area. These fish are very leery of divers and rarely venture far from the reef. When threatened, they use their large tail fin and dorsal and anal fin as a paddle to very quickly swim into the protective cervices of the reef surface.

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My following pictures can be found on display in Charlottesville, Va.

"Life Below Sea Level"

Underwater pictures by William B Tomanek
This large fan structure is a "sea fan (Gorgonia sp.). A soft coral, it's internal skeleton is flexible and allows this coral to move with the waves giving it a "Fan